Air N Arc 150


Air Compressor | Generator | Welder | Optional Battery Charger & Battery Booster

Three Forms of Power for Light to Medium Industrial Repair

The Air N ARC® 150 provides you with three forms of power in one compact and economic unit, allowing you to save space and weight on your vehicle. Providing up to 190 AMPs of welding power, the Air N Arc® 150 is available in three configurations to meet your mounting needs.

Air N Arc 150 Literature
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    Engine: 14 HP Kohler® or 19 HP Kohler®
    Compressor Type: Reciprocating
    CFM Rating: 20 CFM
    Max Pressure: 150 PSI
    Generator Wattage: 5 kW Peak, 4.2 kW Continuous, AC Power, 60 Hz, Single Phase, 120V and 240V Outlets
    Welder:  14 HP Stand-alone: CC: 40-190 AMPs Operating Range
    19 HP with Remote Panel: CC: 40-150 AMPs, CV: 15-30V
    Battery Charger/Booster: Option for 19 HP Engine Only 150 AMPs 12V/24V Boost, 50 AMP 12V Charge
    Air Storage Capacity: 8 Gal. (19 HP) , 10 Gal. (14 HP), 30 Gal., or skid mount
    Drive System: Belt Driven
    Fuel Capacity:  Kohler® 14 HP: 1.9 Gal. or Plumb to Chassis
    Kohler® 19 HP: 4.5 Gal., 11.5 Gal. or Plumb to Chassis

    Kohler 19 HP

    Platform dimensions for 8 Gallon with fittings (In.) – 47.8L x 21.1W x 28.6H
    Platform dimensions for 30 Gallon with fittings (In.) – 48.2L x 22.2W x 40.8H

    Platform dimensions for Skid Mount with fittings (In.) – 48.1L x 22.4W x 24.2H

    Dry weight (Lbs.) – 345-565 depending on platform

    Kohler 14 HP

    Platform dimensions for 10 Gallon with fittings (In.) – 51.5L x 21.0W x 31.2H
    Platform dimensions for 30 Gallon with fittings (In.) – 50.7L x 19.2W x 40.8H
    Platform dimensions for Skid Mount with fittings (In.) – 50.3L x 18.2W x 24.2H

    Dry weight (Lbs.) – 345-565 depending on platform

    Dimensions listed are not a complete representation of total space necessary.  Please consult Vanair for overall space and air requirements.

    Product improvement is a continuing goal. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligations.

    Do not weld with the electrode holder connected to the negative port and the work piece connected to the vehicle. Bodily harm and equipment damage may occur.

    • Fuel System can be Integrated with the Chassis
    • Powder Coated Sheet Metal for Protection
    • 100% Duty High Frequency Welder Offering Excellent Weld Characteristics
    • Galvannealed Steel Metal
    • Heavy Duty Belt Driven System for Anti-Vibration and Long Service Intervals


    • Reciprocating Compressor
    • Cast Iron Air Pump with Three Cylinder Head Design for Better Cooling


    • Patented Amperage and Power Controls Built Into Welding Lead for Ease of Use for 14 HP Units and 19 HP Stand Alone Machines
    • 100% Variable Completely Controllable. No Preset Settings.
    • Independent Welding Generator
    • CV on Remote Panel Machines
    • Safe Multi-Function
    • Auto Throttle Control


    • True Two Generator System for Safe Multi-Functioning of Welder and Electric Tools
    • Independent AC Power for Safe Multi-Functioning
    • Brushless Design
    • Smooth Wave for Minimal Distortion
    • Two 120V Outlets and One 240V Outlet Provided


    • 14 HP Kohler® or 19 HP Kohler®
    • Electric start


    • 1.9 Gallons (14 HP)
    • 4.5 Gallons on Models with 8 Gallon Air Storage (19 HP)
    • 11.5 Gallons on Models with 30 Gallon Air Storage (19 HP)
    • Plumb to Chassis


    • 150 AMP 12/24V boost (standard on remote panel)
    • 50 AMP 12V charge (standard on remote panel)


    • Provides Ultimate User Convenience and Safety
    • All Functions Accessible at Panel. No Need to Jump In and Out of Vehicle.
    • Filter/Lubricator/Regulator (FLR)
    • Hose Reels and Fittings
    • OSHA Safety Valve (Velocity Fuse)
    • Post Drivers
    • Service/Control Line Moisture Separators
    • Tool Oiler/Lubricator

    Available Air Reservoirs:

    • 8 Gal. (19 HP)
    • 10 Gal. (14 HP)
    • 30 Gal.
    • Skid mount

    • Remote Panel Harness - 10’, 14’, 18’, 22’ or 26’
    • Remote Mount Control Panel (Kohler® 19 HP Only)
    • Cable Extension - 20’, 30’, 40’ or 50’
    • Battery Booster Cables
    • Electric Fuel Pump (Kohler® 19 HP Only)
    • Fuel Tank – Slim Line 11 Gallon (Kohler® HP 19 Only)
    • Remote Air Tank Options
    • Remote Condensation Drain
    • Welding Helmet with Auto Darkening Lens
    • Dry Cell Battery
    • Cold Weather Kits
    • Maintenance Kits
    • Hose Reels
    • GFCI Outlet for Protection of 120V/240V - Remote Panel Machines Only

    Part Description Part Number
    Cold Weather Kit 12V, (Includes Comp. Oil & Eng. Oil Pan Heater) 032793
    Cold Weather Kit 120V AC, Contractor (Includes Comp. Oil & Eng. Oil Pan Heater)
    Installed at time of machine build. Note 12V kit utilizes chassis battery.
    Compressor Kit - (Includes 3 Air Filters & Vanguard™ Recip. Oil) KIT1168
    Engine Service Kit, Kohler 11 HP & 14 HP (Includes 1 Qt. Oil, Air Filter, Pre-Filter) KIT1290
    Engine Service Kit, Kohler 19 HP (Includes 2 Qt. Oil, Air Filter, Pre-Filter) KIT1289
    Vanguard™ Reciprocating Compressor Oil (One Gal.) 271856-1Gal.
    Vanguard™ Reciprocating Compressor Oil (One Quart) 271856-1QT